Fisherman Hi Res Sharks Cove Beach Guam

Sharks Cove Beach

A fisherman at Sharks Cove Beach

Guam’s exclusive beaches are off the beaten path. Sharks Cove Beach is worth every minute of the half-mile hike to get there. Protective beach shoes are a necessity and snorkel equipment is recommended.

The entrance to Sharks Cove starts at the bottom of the hill at Tanguisson Beach Park, approximately 30 yards past the font gate. A lane leading to the right takes a visitor into an even more remote lane after another hard right. This gravel lane will travel parallel to the beach but ends abruptly at the water. The end of the road marks the beginning of the hike at the bottom of the cliff.

Hikers start out on foot turning north at the bottom of the cliff, passing the latte shaped rocks on the right. Roughly follow the water line in sometimes-dense brush about one-quarter of  a mile. Just beyond this point is a pristine palm-lined, deep, white sand beach visited by very few tourists.

Address: Entrance near Tanguisson Power Station, Dededo, Guam


Sharks Cove Beach
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