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We are seeking a motivated and connected salesperson. The position is part-time hourly pay plus commission at about 20 hours/week. Candidate should be able to manage time well and close sales with little supervision. Understanding of the web, marketing, and social media a plus. If you have local sales experience and are a known self-starter, send your cover letter, resume, and references to webmaster@theguamguide.com.

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The Guam Guide is the premier online directory to the Pacific island of Guam. A bustling U.S. territory with 159,000 inhabitants, Guam is the vacation destination for sun, surf, shopping, and culture. The Guam Guide serves local residents, visitors, and tourists alike with features like commenting, rating businesses, and adding events.

Tim and Jessica PetersonBefore Tim and Jessica Peterson moved to Guam in September 2009, they surfed the Internet for info about Guam until their eyes went blurry. They found piecemeal information about the lovely island that they would soon call home, but they found no comprehensive guide. It is that experience that motivated their creation of The Guam Guide. They have lived on Guam long enough to appreciate all that is has to offer in entertainment, food, and sightseeing. They moved recently enough to remember what it’s like to be newcomers and so they offer their insight to visitors, locals, and new residents alike.

Jessica Peterson is a writer, editor and photographer, her stories and photos having been published in Guam Pacific Daily News, Guam Business Magazine, Marianas Business Journal, Marine Drive Magazine (MDM), and R&R Pacific. She is also a seasoned graphic and web designer with 15 years of experience in marketing, media, and advertising. Jessica has worked for Big Fish Creative, Glimpses Publications, and the Guam Visitors Bureau. She is the owner of Greta Design, a cutting edge Guam media company.

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