Matapang Beach

Canoes Matapang Beach Guam
Canoes at Matapang Beach

For the rowing enthusiast and photographer alike this is a location of opportunity. On days safe for boating the local rowing teams cast off in the late afternoon and evening. Outrigger canoes, a transportation of the past, are plastered with modern local auto dealership logos, creating an odd juxtaposition. Ancient rowing chants can be heard across the flat waters of Tumon Bay as the sun dips into the cloud-lined horizon.

Sunset photos on partly cloudy evenings are spectacular. An occasional rainbow stretched from cloud to ground adds emphasis to the already perfect scene.

Parking is limited and amenities are few because of the relatively small size of this public park nestled between high-rise hotels on the main strip in Tumon. Amenities include BBQ pits and covered seating with a public restroom servicing this stretch of beach. A lifeguard and patrols are stationed here in a look-out tower at the center of the beach. Local water conditions are posted for visitor safety.

Address: Near Fiesta Resort, Guam on Pale San Vitores Rd., Tamuning, Guam 96913

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