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Planet Kyle: 3 Cool Things to Do on The Beach

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By Kyle Mandapat

Whoohoo! It’s finally here, friends! It is finally Summer! School is out, the sun is a bit hotter and everything should start feeling a bit funner real soon! Pardon my exclamation point abuse, but besides Christmas, summer is my favorite time of the year.

If this is your first summer on Guam, then keep your eyes open for some awesome Liberation Day festivities, including the carnival, which has already begun and even the big parade next month. Since Guam has summer-esque weather pretty much all year long, one can argue that there is nothing more to do than usual. I disagree. With no school for the kids to worry about tomorrow, now, everyday can be a beach day! With that in mind, I present The Planet Kyle Guide to 3 Cool Things to Do on the Beach on Guam!

Sandball Fight

hermit crabFirstly, may I be the first to say that sandball fights were a staple for my family growing up. All you do is get some wet sand from the shoreline, form it into a ball, and then coat it with dry sand. Babam! There you have it! Next, try to plop them on your family and friends! Of course, be careful not to slam somebody in the eyeballs and be sure to check for rocks or hermit crabs while forming your stock pile. Nothing sucks more than leaving a beach with less skin than you came with. Feel free to incorporate seaweed into your arsenal as well. I find that freaks out girls more and we all know that freaking out girls is 80% of the fun for any outdoor activity.

BBQ GuamBBQ or Campout

Another great thing you can do at the beach should be a given… Barbeque! It doesn’t matter what you barbeque, just barbeque! Barbeque chicken, beef, pork, fish, vegetables, guinea pig… Ewww, just joking about the guinea pig. Of course, with full stomachs, a day at the beach is that more relaxing. And don’t forget the rice, for heaven’s sake. We’re human beings!


Finally, I would suggest that if you are going to the beach, use the sun for what it was intended, to tan up! Remember to rock the right sunscreen and protection, after all we want you looking like a nice and crispy Hulk Hogan and not that dude from Batman. Laying out in the sun on the beach is also said to be quite therapeutic. Just don’t get sunburned, stay hydrated and people will be looking at you like your are an illegitimate Kardashian sister before you know it.

Alright guys, hopefully that will help you with planning your summer. Get out the beach and I will meet you there! If you have any questions about living on Guam, please feel free to email me at or you check me out on Facebook or Twitter. Until next month, hear you on the radio!

Kyle MandapatAbout Kyle

Since his stage debut in 2006, Kyle Mandapat has been on the move with no plans of slowing down. Starting off in the entertainment scene on Guam as a Stand Up Comic, Kyle headlined over 20 locally sponsored comedy shows. It was his comedy show performances that lead to him being cast in the Fox6 Guam show, “The Buzz” where he started as an “On the Street” correspondent and later progressed to the co-host spot. In October of 2007, Kyle was introduced to radio audiences on Guam as an extra member of the Power 98 Morning Show. Kyle is currently a co-host on the rebranded morning show, “The Morning Blender with Kai and Kyle.”

Planet Kyle: 3 Cool Things to Do on The Beach
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