Cocos Island Resort

Located just 1.6 km/1 mi. off the southern tip of Guam, Cocos Island is an uninhabited getaway for residents and visitors alike. The island is 1,600 meters long but only between 200-300 meters wide. Transportation by ferry is available from Merizo Pier to Cocos Island Resort for $40 per adult and $20 per child. Residents should ask for the local rate and pay only $25 per adult. Admission includes a very basic cafeteria style lunch of salad, noodles, meat, and tea or water. Luxury dining, it ain’t.

Cocos Island Resort is a day resort with a pool, volleyball court, cafe, ice cream parlor, restaurant and bar, and water sports equipment rentals. Visitors to the resort can snorkel, dive, kayak, dolphin watch, parasail, jet ski and bike. Prices for activities range from $15 for a mini jungle tour to $100 for two adults to parasail.

The resort sells day packages that include meals and extras such as entry to SandCastle dinner show, Mandara Spa, and a beachside BBQ at Fiesta Resort.

All the water activities available on Cocos Island are also available on Guam’s mainland, but bird lovers will enjoy simply sunbathing under the trees on the north facing beach. There are far more birds on Cocos Island than on Guam’s mainland.

The “resort” is less of a resort and more of a remote beach — there are no rooms or overnight stays — minus any luxury amenities. Activities can be purchased and scheduled upon arrival. The resort operates like an amusement park on a ticket basis — meaning you can’t buy anything around the island with cash. Cocos Island Resort charges for everything, even towels must be rented for $3 each and beach chairs will set you back $10-20. Residents would do well to bring their own towels, snacks, snorkel gear, and floats which could save a family of four around $100.



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