Gun Beach, Guam

9 Breathtaking Beaches on Guam

Tanguisson Beach, Guam

Asan Beach Park

Asan Beach Park, Guam

Asan Beach was one of the two primary beaches which U.S. soldiers stormed when trying to recapture Guam from Japanese occupation during World War II. There are a number of World War II memorials, relics, and informational signs scattered around the park for visitors to enjoy. The beach area of Asan Beach Park is lined with coconut trees to provide shade from the tropical sun. In addition to the beach, there is a huge triangular park which can be used by the public for just about any activity.



Covered picnic tables and BBQ pits are part of the park amenities at Tanguisson Beach. Entrance to the municipal power plant property is near the Two Lovers Point attraction. Uncultivated beach and rugged margin open up to a park setting with large shade trees and manicured grass for games and gatherings.

Sharks Cove


Guam’s exclusive beaches are off the beaten path. Sharks Cove Beach is worth every minute of the half-mile hike to get there. Protective beach shoes are a necessity and snorkel equipment is recommended.

Gun Beach

Gun Beach, Guam

The namesake gun of Gun Beach is located in the far right end of the small lagoon created in part by a massive cliff on the north end. On the left of the old gun is an entrance to another secluded cove called Fai Fai Beach. Gun Beach features good snorkeling, when safe conditions prevail, and a dive site with steep reef sides and a cable trench leading into deep water.

Inarajan Pools


For rugged beauty and photo appeal, Inarajan Pools has the most intriguing geology. Natural bathing spots surround a public park on the main road that circumnavigates the island. Coral outcroppings resembling the lava flows of volcanic islands loom at 15 to 20 feet above the horizon, blocking the view of the reef beyond.


Tagachang Beach, Guam

Set between jungle topped cliffs, Tagachang beach is one of Guam’s many beautiful beaches but unlike some, this one is remote and ungroomed. Unlike Tumon Bay beaches, Tagachang is quiet , but best enjoyed during daylight hours for safety. Like many of the eastern beaches, an outer reef breaks the surf and makes the beach calm and safe for swimming.

Talofofo Beach

Fisherman in Talofofo Bay, Guam

This rock beach lies adjacent to the Talofofo River bridge. The low-lying outlet is lined with a protective rock levy reminiscent of San Francisco Bay.

Ipan Beach

Kite surfer, Ipan Beach, Guam

This southern beach is popular with locals and right next to Jeff’s Pirate’s Cove. Kite surfers are often seen from this rugged spot.


Ritidian Beach, Guam

The northernmost perimeter reef of Guam is accessible without security clearance from Ritidian Beach. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Preserve is located near the recreation area. Strict obedience to posted warnings about the rip currents and conditions will insure a safe and enjoyable visit to one of the most pristine beaches on Guam.

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9 Breathtaking Beaches on Guam
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