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Everything you want to know about Guam!

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Peyton is a military spouse who lived in Guam from July 2010 to September 2012. She started her blog, Peyt’s Island, as a way to keep friends and family informed about what island life is like. Over time, that space transformed into a forum for writing about her experiences discovering Guam’s beauty, and more recently its flavors. Peyton loves all Guam adventures, whether land or sea, and has a passion for sharing ideas about incorporating local produce into regular family cooking. As the Fresh Factor columnist, Peyton shared recipes, interviews, and information about all things fresh on Guam.

Born and raised on Guam, being curious and adventurous, no tree was left unclimbed and rock literally left unturned. Arlene turned her love of the environment into teaching middle school students, her children, and the community about the natural world around us. Arlene believes the best way to gain appreciation for all the wonderful creations in nature is to go out and explore it yourself. She has spent most of her life on Guam — outdoors — playing land and water sports. Arlene enjoy sharing her observations and discoveries of all the natural, historical and cutlural gems that Guam has to offer.

Raised on the road between Washington and Connecticut, Amanda Pampuro holds a BA in English from the University of Guam and an MS in Writing from Portland State. Her fiction has appeared in Storyboard and her nonfiction regularly runs in the The Guam Daily Post Sunday Magazine. When her Guam bomb isn’t breaking down, Pampuro can usually be found writing, diving, and talking to strangers.

Since his stage debut in 2006, Kyle has been on the move with no plans of slowing down. Starting off in the entertainment scene on Guam as a Stand Up Comic, Kyle headlined over 20 locally sponsored comedy shows. It was his comedy show performances that lead to him being cast in the Fox6 Guam show, “The Buzz” where he started as an “On the Street” correspondent and later progressed to the co-host spot. In October of 2007, Kyle was introduced to radio audiences on Guam as an extra member of the Power 98 Morning Show. Kyle is currently a co-host on the rebranded morning show, “The Morning Blender with Kai and Kyle.”

Christy moved with her husband Aaron to Guam in August 2009. In an effort to simplify correspondence with family and friends, she started a blog featuring photos and stories of their activities on Guam, as well as their travels to other parts of the world. Her blog slowly became an obsession and an outlet for her latent creativity as a graphic designer. Guam has, in a short time, become home for Christy and Aaron. Whether it’s an entire day on the water kayaking to a remote cove or a short swim in Tumon Bay, they find great pleasure in the beauty of their island home.

Having lived on Guam for the past 15 years after his family relocated from Hawaii, Joel has discovered this island to be a home where his heart is. Whether it may be music, photography, amateur filmmaking or most inherently, food, he finds joy in art of all natures. He has recently formed an addiction to travel and while he will never pass up an opportunity to visit somewhere new, he can always tell by that missing rhythm in his chest when it’s time to come back home.

Kym has lived on Guam for 27 years, moving to the island with her Chamorro husband shortly after the fish head debacle. She is a happily married mother of three. Knowing what it’s like to be FOB/FOP (fresh off the boat/fresh off the plane), Kym shares her humorous insider quips and tips.

Rachel moved to Guam five years ago from Maui, Hawaii. She has a strong love for people, nature and all things creative. Rachel loves to help local businesses thrive, and to promote new treasures friends introduce to her from our island home.

Originally born in Virginia, from his late childhood up to early adulthood, Arlo had the grand life changing experience of living in different countries around the globe. After graduating high school from the International School of Kenya, Arlo made his way to Guam, which has been his home for four years. Arlo enjoys many things such as art, film, animation, and of course, food. While he does still have a knack for traveling to distant lands, Arlo is always keen on returning to, Guam.

A native of Japan, Ayaka arrived on Guam in 2000. Born in Osaka, and raised in Tokyo, Ayaka fell in love with Guam’s gorgeous beaches and island hospitality. Working in the hotel and tourism industry full-time, Ayaka enjoys relating her love of the island as a weekend blogger. It is her goal to share valuable insider tips with every Japanese person interested in Guam.

Rose lived on Guam as a child and returns so frequently these days that she considers it a second home. She comes to the island, its places, culture, and people with the mixed perspective of a half-local, half-tourist. But most of all, she relishes its beautiful natural treasures and aims to know them, and share them, more intimately through her work.

Livia Marati is an event designer, holistic health coach, yoga instructor for adults & kids, & founder of Ina Wellness Collective Guam. While her speciality has always been in the events industry, her education and expertise lie in designing a sustainable lifestyle centered around holistic wellbeing. Livia’s signature 1:1 women's coaching programs are offered in an environment designed to reset, recharge & reconnect to the soul. Her goal with Ina Wellness Collective is to offer transformational events and retreats where guests can reset their internal sense of balance and elevate their wellness journey.

Tim lives in Tamuning with his wife Jessica. The beauty of Creation and the local weather are never lost on the couple. Tim especially enjoys the no-winter aspect of Guam living. Raised in Michigan where 65 degrees is considered a warm day, he takes advantage of good weather to go the the beach or the pool. Since moving to Guam in 2009, Tim and Jessica have plenty of friends to show for their efforts to fit in and make Guam their home.

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