Rock Arch Tanguisson Beach Guam

Tanguisson Beach

Covered picnic tables and BBQ pits are part of the park amenities at Tanguisson Beach. Entrance to the municipal power plant property is near the Two Lovers Point attraction. Uncultivated beach and rugged margin open up to a park setting with large shade trees and manicured grass for games and gatherings.

Venturing north through the terrine is worthwhile. A view of gigantic rock formations in the water is breathtaking at sunset and a great photo op at any time day or night. To reach the formations, follow the unpaved road that turns off the main entrance, 30 yards after entering the park. The lane ends at a massive cliff. The attractive geology is on the left at the end of this quarter-mile lane.

Address: Near entrance to Tanguisson Power Station off Route 34, Dededo, Guam


Tanguisson Beach
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