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Tamuning-Tumon Village

The most traffic by cars and persons on foot will be found on the streets surrounding Tumon Bay. This combination hotel row and retail section is a village of residential streets as well. Inland plateaus have been cut away from the descending hillside to form Marine Corps Drive and surrounding real estate as well as the Tumon strip. These two main drags provide access to the majority of the shopping and entertainment on Guam.

Tamuning- Tumon is bordered by Dededo to the north. Marine Corps Drive, Route 1, and Army Drive, Route 16, creates a junction at the popular Micronesia Mall. This marks the beginning of the Village of Dededo traveling north on Route 1. To the south, the Villages of Agana and Mongmong border at the junction of Route 1 and Route 8.

Within these boundaries are numerous Asian restaurants and bars, the international hotel chains, and the Guam Waterworks Authority. John F. Kennedy High School resides at the top of the hill in Tumon. Several car dealerships call this stretch of Marine Corps Drive home as well. Though predominantly tourist-oriented, many residents live in houses and condos overlooking Tumon Bay.


Tamuning-Tumon Village
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