Inarajan Village

Dusk Inarajan Pools Beach Guam
Inarajan Pools Beach at Dusk

Going into Inarajan is like taking a step back in time through Chamorro history. It remains one of the most untouched by change, even being listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.  To really feel like you have stepped back onto an ancient island, stop by the Gef Pa’go Cultural Village, where you can walk through an ancient Chamorro village, compete with thatch-roofed huts and demonstrations of traditional arts and crafts. Among the most popular sites in Inarajan are the natural ocean side pools, aptly called, Inarajan Pools.

Inarajan, and most of the villages farther south, are considered rural because it is easily 40-60 minutes from any major shopping areas. In Inarajan there is a gas station, a U.S. Post Office, and a public health clinic.


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