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University of Guam: Tuition Fees, Acceptance Rate and Exchange Programs

Guam is the territory of the US that is its westernmost point. It is a part of the Northern Mariana Islands and the biggest island in Oceania. Guamanians receive US citizenship by birth even though many of them have originated from the peoples of Indonesia, the Philippines, and Taiwan. 

The island is well-known as a tourist destination, but it also hosts many representatives of the United States Armed Forces. Civilians and military personnel interact in many ways. 

Almost every household has either the retire military officer or those on active duty. However, it is wrong to assume that education in Guam is represented only by military academies.

One of the biggest and most reputable universities on the island is called the University of Guam. It is located in Mangilao, which is considered a student town. It offers Bachelor’s degrees in 34 majors and Master’s degrees in 11 fields. Overall, the University provides students with comprehensive classic education according to the best US standards.

The University has plenty of notable alumni who played important roles in the island’s and the country’s economic, political, military, social, and cultural development. Currently, there are around 4,000 students who get undergraduate and postgraduate education in this institution. The top three most popular majors include Business, Criminal Justice and Safety Studies, and English. 

Every fifth student agrees that professors do their best in teaching their classes and are satisfied with the education they get. 60% of students are part-time workers who recognize that work-life balance is hard to reach, but still possible.

If you intend to apply to the University of Guam or conduct brief research on US educational institutions to get essay help, the following information will cover such aspects as tuition, acceptance rates, and available exchange programs.

Tuition Fees

The University of Guam is characterized by democratic financial requirements towards students living in Guam. Those applicants who are registered in Guam are supposed to pay $5,578 of tuition and fees. Those who travel from other states to study in this educational institution are asked to pay more than a double price.

The last five years were the period of stability. Neither tuition nor the fees were increased. The prices are expected to stay on the same level for at least two following years. However, apart from this, you will need to bear expenses for accommodation, transportation, learning materials, and nutrition.

Acceptance Rate

The University of Guam is characterized by a liberal admissions policy. Given its principal role in the education system of the entire island, the acceptance rate is as high as 100%. It means that the only thing a student needs to do to become a UOG attendee is to be ready to pay tuition and fees for at least four years. However, there are plenty of opportunities to get financial aid, so you can be lucky enough to save on your education.

What’s more, around 73% of students of the University of Guam are recipients of financial aid. It comes in different forms but reaches approximately $5,019 per year on average. This percentage is that high due to a 55% discount that in-state students receive compared to out-of-state applicants.

Campus Life

Students collectively agree that they have enough extracurriculars to attend to keep their study-life balance. Those are seminars, workshops, visiting lectures, volunteer involvement, etc. Many students actively engage in community work to help the islanders solve their most critical problems. The university supports diversity and is committed to transparency, equality, and open-mindedness.

The indigenous population of Guam speaks the Chamorro language, which is threatened. Thus, the University of Guam strives to engage native speakers to keep their language alive. It hosts free language courses available to everybody and taught by volunteers who are native in Chamorro.

Around 50% of students get their first paid experience within the campus that tries to employ as many students as possible. Work is encouraged unless it prevents academic success. As for the alumni, around 80% of graduates get their jobs within the two years following graduation. A large part of former students settles on the island and does not migrate.

Exchange Programs

The University of Guam is a participant of the National Student Exchange. Students are accepted on Plan A basis, provided they pay tuition and fees to the University in full. 

Several places are available to students on Plan B basis; however, such options are minimal. Students transferring to the University of Guam or those accepted for the National Student Exchange with the University should have their GPA no less than 2.50. 

Final Words

The University of Guam offers amazing opportunities for students coming from Guamanian families and those traveling from other states to get a degree. 

It is famous for its high acceptance rates and comparatively low tuition and fees, especially for local students. 

Most of the current and former attendees admit that the campus life and the quality of teaching were satisfactory. The University of Guam is dedicated to sharing knowledge and providing students with universal opportunities. 

Thus, it is actively present in the National Student Exchange program. Be the first to know more about this university. Visit Guam to see the real-life behind its militarized image.

University of Guam: Tuition Fees, Acceptance Rate and Exchange Programs
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