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Puppy-friendly Places in Guam: Man’s Best Friend Welcome

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Why do we train our dogs to go potty outside if we keep them locked up in the house all day? Some trainers estimate dog owners should spend at least two to three hours each day walking, training, and playing with their pets, but on Guam this is easier said than done. With no real off-leash zones, dog owners are often hard-pressed to find places open to the cousins of Canis lupus. But with a little nosing around, you might find Guam is just like a kong toy, with treats hidden in unlikely places.

Where to Stay

By ADA law, hotels are required to accommodate individuals in need of service animals. With stringent quarantine process, those just passing through are advised to leave Spike at home. For individuals moving to or from the island however, a handful of hotels do accommodate small to medium-sized dogs.

In the heart of Tumon, the Westin Resort Guam allows one canine per room, up to 40 pounds, and charges a $100 cleaning fee for every seven-day stay, about $14 if you stay the week. Located in the red hills of Yona, Leo Palace Resort accommodates dogs up to 30 pounds for an additional charge of $30 a night.

On Ypao Road in Tamuning, both the Days Inn and Wyndam Garden are open to pets up to 25 pounds, for a rate of $35 a day, with a refundable deposit of $100. While daily fees are waved as a courtesy for military personal, the deposit will not be refunded. Out back by the pool, Wyndam Garden also has a small yard with obstacle course, perfect for dogs to get their daily exercise.

While Trip Advisor lists the Sheraton Laguna Guam and Royal Orchid as pet-friendly places, these hotels only allow service animals. While civilian dogs shipped to Guam, are quarantined at Harper Valley Kennels, short-term boarding is also offered at Boonie B&B in Chalan Pago and veterinarian clinics, including:

Where to Chow

Well-behaved dogs are welcome at many outdoor cafes around the island. We’re all guilty of giving our dogs table food now and then. Take Rover to a food truck, and those puppy eyes will beg for a bite of your burger!

After a long walk along Pale San Vitores Boulevard, drop by Jungle Java at the Outrigger Resort. Bring your own water bowl when you enjoy Mediterranean food at either of Dr. Kabob’s locations in Tumon or the Agana Shopping Center.

There may be a correlation between people with good taste in beer and people who love dogs. At least that is the case of old traditions and the Tower of London Pub in Tumon. Besides boonies being adored in both of these bars, the only pick up line that really works is, “What’s your dog’s name?

It’s no secret that dogs love beaches as much as their humans. Let Rocky roam around one of Guam’s oldest cantinas, Jimmy Dee’s Beach Bar on Hågañta Bay, famous for its live entertainment. At the far end of Tumon, take your Guamie greyhound to the Beach Bar and Grill. Not only is this a pet friendly place to party, it’s also one of the best places to catch the tropical sunset.

How to Adopt

If you are looking to adopt a dog, visit the island’s humane society, Guam Animals in Need (GAIN), located in Yigo. In addition to being a drop-off center for strays, GAIN hosts semi-annual healthcare clinics.

Puppy-friendly Places in Guam: Man’s Best Friend Welcome
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