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How Culture Affects Business: Adopting Effective Business Behavior

Everyone can agree that culture affects many aspects of our life, including how we think and interact with others. In essence, culture affects how we make and grow in relationships. Business is about creating relationships and interacting with others. So, it is evident that culture will affect many business dealings because it has to do with how we think.

We live in a digital world, making it easier to work and interact with individuals from different parts of the globe. This is not all about crossing borders but more about linking with other cultures in business. Therefore, understanding different cultures is an essential aspect of today’s world.

Learning about different cultures helps to overcome cross-cultural understandings to assist us in benefiting from differences. Understanding various cultures is an excellent goal towards achieving a happier environment with increased business opportunities.

Understanding your culture will help you appreciate other cultures by noting the differences. It will also allow you to view issues from a broader perspective. In most cases, individuals are confined to their cultures thus do not see the value of appreciating others. Here are some of the aspects to consider that can change what you are used to.

Race and Religion

Some laws instruct companies not to discriminate against workers and applicants based on race and religion. However, it is not the case for other parts of the world. To succeed in business, you need to find out how different countries deal with race and religion. We are not implying that individuals must tolerate decimation.

However, it is essential to understand different viewpoints. Ensure that you do not focus on your agenda at others’ expense and make them feel uncomfortable. Understanding the differences will assist you in working with individuals from other cultures excellently in growing a business.


In some cultures, older people are treated differently with reverence. They are considered in everything because of their wisdom and experience. They also take top management positions, and other people work with their commands.

In other settings, the elderly are treated differently. They are not allowed to hold top positions. In fact, they are asked to step down for younger individuals to take their place. When applying for jobs, they are discriminated against based on age. Understanding these differences will allow you to work with individuals from different cultures.


Some countries have given equal status to women. There is no difference between men and women in all sectors. What men can do, women can equally achieve. On the contrary, in other countries, women are still fighting for equal opportunities. At royal essay, you will find articles that address different cultures and how you can cope with them in business. 

Body Language and Communication 

Body language and gestures help to convey the message. However, different people will interpret differently because of their cultures. While others use indirect, vague, and body language to give a message, others prefer direct and accurate responses. 

Some gestures like smile are universal. Anyone can understand a smile. However, there is a difference in reading eye contact. Like Americans, some business persons will feel like you are hiding something or dishonest if you do not look them in the eyes. However, it is unacceptable to look someone in the eyes in a restraint or bus station for a long duration. 

Dress Code

Fashion and culture influence the dressing code. Religion, politics, and business also play a significant role in what we wear. For some cultures, corporate casual is the order in the business world, whereas others consider official wear. 

How you wear talks a lot about yourself in different cultures. Learning about other cultures will help you to be on the lookout. Know what you are up to and make the right move. 

Considering cultural discussions will help you make the right move in business. What you are used to is not what others experience. If you want to go global, learn about other cultures and know how you can appreciate them. It is not easy to change what you are used to. However, it is a plus for creating a suitable environment for business growth. 

Embracing other cultures also opens new opportunities to grow a venture. The goal of this article is to point out simple elements that have a profound impact on business. Understanding cultural diversity helps you to adopt successful business behaviors to grow your business. Otherwise, you may never reach other markets if you do not use the diversity in cultures to your advantage. 

How Culture Affects Business: Adopting Effective Business Behavior
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