A Diver’s Paradise

For avid divers or those who aspire to be, Guam will quickly become your recreational paradise. There is something for every level of dive experience, from beach dives to boat dives. If you are not a certified diver but would like to be, Guam is a great place to be certified. Courses are less expensive than most stateside dive shops and any beach is better than a pool for learning your underwater skills. More advanced divers will find an array of fish-laden reefs, walls, drifts, shipwrecks and even plane wrecks. Guam is the only place in the world where shipwrecks from both world wars lay side by side, the WWI German ship SMS Cormoran, and the WWII Japanese ship Tokai Maru.

Some of Guam’s unique dive sites

Seebee Junkyard: As the name suggests, this site is full of junk that harbor workers did not want to move when they finished Apra Harbor. The “junk” you may see here ranges from coral encrusted bulldozers and cranes to a few WWII-era Coke bottles and ammunition.

GabGab: This is unique because of its abundance of large fish like giant trevallies, batfish and moray eels.

The American Tanker: Another really fun wreck, this concrete barge was sunk after WWII. This is a good first-time wreck dive. With open rooms on the deck and a sound structure, it is not as intimidating for new divers, however, no diver should go into a wreck without proper training and equipment.

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