Latte of Freedom, Guam

5 Bizarre Things You Can Only Do on Guam

Visit the cave of a soldier who hid for 28 years after the war was over

Shoichi Yokoi, Japanese soldier on Guam

A well-known Japanese soldier among both residents and visitors of Guam, Sergeant Shoichi Yokoi hid for more than a quarter century in the jungles of Guam. Even years after the war, Yokoi believed his fellow soldiers would return for him one day. He was convinced that the enemy still loomed and that he would be taken as a prison of war.

After hiding from invading American Forces in 1944 for years, he was discovered by Talofofo farmers in 1972. As he was led away, Yokoi begged to be killed on site. Two weeks after being discovered in the jungle, Yokoi returned home to a hero’s welcome.

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Stand on the world’s largest latte

Ocean view Latte of Freedom Guam

Okay, it’s not that type of latte. Standing atop a prominent stone point overlooking both Asan and Agana bays, the Latte of Freedom monument invites guest to look and learn about culture in the local area and across the island.

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Pet the largest land-living arthropod

linala man coconut crab guam

You may be hesitant to pet something so unfriendly-looking, but go ahead, the coconut crab doesn’t bite (just watch those claws though!). Coconut crabs can weigh up to 9 lbs. with a leg span of more than three feet. Locals are adept at handling the crabs and sometimes keep them as pets. Stop by the Chamorro Village Night Market on Wednesday and Friday for a photo opp of you or someone brave petting the crab.

Roll up a downhill slope

Hill Road Yona Guam

The deep southern roads of Guam wind and gently roll up and down the mountainous terrain. Somewhere in Umatac, a road has been traversed on then is strangely reversed on to test whether the car will roll back up the top of the hill. Some say it happens because the world’s tallest mountain (below sea level) is just around the corner, changing the area’s gravitational pull. Another theory is that there may be some secret military underground silo buried under a mountain, hiding top-secret gravity-altering technology or it may simply happen from the strong winds brushing against the grass-covered slopes onto the road.

The slope of gravity hills are optical illusions. The rolling hills and the surrounding layout of the landscape produces the illusion that the surface may appear to be an uphill slope but is actually a slight downhill slope. Many hills much like this exist around the world and are turned into tourist attractions. They may be also known as magnetic hill, gravity road, mystery spot, or mystery hill.

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Touch shipwrecks from two world wars

SMS Cormoran and Tokai Maru on Guam

The SMS Cormoran rests 110 feet below the water of Apra harbor on her port side. The German ship was scuttled at the outbreak of the U.S. entry into WWI.

A Japanese cargo ship, the Tokai Maru, which was sunk during WWII leans up against her screw. The site marks the only place in the world where wrecks from two different countries and two different wars are nearly touching.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done on Guam?

5 Bizarre Things You Can Only Do on Guam
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