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6 Apps to Download Before You Visit Guam

In December, travel became one of the top ten most popular app categories, beating other categories such as music and productivity, among others. Traveling to Guam for the first time? Be sure to pop in a local SIM card and take advantage of these apps to make your visit a success.

The Guam Guide

Never miss an update about things to do on Guam or ways to save money! Get the latest updates about new restaurants, activities, and arts and culture on Guam. Download The Guam Guide mobile app at the iTunes Store or Google Play.


Not too long ago, there were only a handful of B&Bs on Guam. If you want to escape Tumon and its glittering hotels for something more homey, book any of the dozens of B&Bs including this former glass bottom boat! Get $20 off on your first booking.


Though Guam is perpetually warm, there are two seasons — rainy and dry. If you’re planning outdoor activities, you’ll want to have a weather app to avoid getting soaked. Download from the iTunes Store or Google Play. View our post on What to Wear on Guam to be even more prepared.

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Search and book any of Guam’s 21 hotels quickly and easily with the app. You can also view and manage your bookings at the touch of a button.

Guam Land Info

Created by the Government of Guam, this Android app (soon to be available as an iOS app), Guam Land Info supplies the latest data on landmarks, street maps, in addition to others like lot descriptions, property sizes and land use zones that probably won’t apply to tourists. It’s still a handy app and interesting in terms of the information, and given that mobile is the most important trend in technology today, as iterated by Gaming Realms, managers of numerous cross-platform entertainment portals, an app is the best way to publicly share government information.

Shop Guam Festival

Although this app was initially created to share information on events, shopping, and dining promotions during the Christmas season, Shop Guam Festival is also a useful tool to have on your smartphone throughout the year as it also supplies helpful information on tours and cultural activities you can participate in. The app can also help you plan your itinerary ahead of time.

6 Apps to Download Before You Visit Guam
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