Inarajan Pools Beach

Dusk Inarajan Pools Beach Guam
Dusk at Inarajan Pools Beach

For rugged beauty and photo appeal, Inarajan pools has the most intriguing geology. Natural bathing spots surround a public park on the main road that circumnavigates the island. Coral outcroppings resembling the lava flows of volcanic islands loom at 15 to 20 feet above the horizon, blocking the view of the reef beyond. On days with heavy seas this natural protection shields this beauty spot from wave action, allowing only ripples into the shallow pools resting in the shadows of the black rocks. Tropical fish and other creatures can be observed in their natural habitat. The calm water is a perfect place for the very young snorkeler to test out fins and goggles. Swimmers and divers are observed making use of a tall diving platform and other amenities including BBQ pits and covered seating.

Address: South of Inarajan Elementary School, Route 4, Inarajan, Guam 96915

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