How to Avoid Falling off the Fitness Wagon

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By Eveline Campus

Year-after-year you have made that commitment to health and fitness and yet year- after-year you’ve needed to make that commitment again. You’ve told yourself you will start exercising everyday or at least three times a week and now after the first month, it just seems so boring and every hiccup is a reason not to go to the gym or head out for a walk. Well, practice does make perfect and this year could be the last time you commit and actually make exercising a part of your life. Now, doesn’t that sound exciting? Here are some ways to get you motivated every day and put your health first in your life.

1.  It starts with that goal or resolution you’ve given yourself. Instead of “I resolve to exercise more and look hot” focus on a more specific and attainable goal. The goal is “upgradable” so start with, “I resolve to get to the gym every Saturday morning, even if I don’t workout, I will get dressed and drive there.” Once you are there, you will work out. From here, you can increase your committed days.

2.  Support, support and more support. Yes, friends can really help. Pick the ones that have the will power you might be lacking,  join the gym they are already a member of, and go with them. The days you want to sit and eat ice cream on the couch instead of squatting yourself to a new butt, they can help.

3.  Results are the biggest motivator, and injury is your worst enemy. Yes, even worse than ice cream! So, go to your doctor and tell them what you are planning on doing. They can advise you and be your biggest advocate! Start with a physical and get to know your numbers. Start with Cholesterol, BMI, weight and measurements. Now, start tracking the results. Don’t get discouraged when your numbers start to increase in the beginning, muscle is heavier than fat and it take a little while for that muscle to help you burn the excess fat.

Most of all have fun! Don’t stress about the times you didn’t make it, that’s the past and this year, you can do it.


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