Pizza at Sunset Grill, Guam

Guam’s Best Pizza

By Joel Kanda

Cheesy, melty, meaty, saucy, succulent, decadent, and all other manner of adjectives, pizza can be called many things. The various takes on pizza are just as abundant: New York style, Chicago deep dish, thin crust, calzone and many others. But no matter what style, pizza has to have the four basic elements: crust, sauce, meat and/or vegetables and cheese. Sounds simple enough but no; pizza, when taken seriously, is an art form in and of itself. There are many unique techniques and particulars when it comes to making the perfect pie.

Nevertheless, pizza is a family food. Families and friends often gather for pizza night on a weekly basis. Pizza brings friends and loved ones together and unites us all in a love for cheesy, carb-loaded, meaty goodness. When all is said and done, pizza is a unifier. So in honor of the magnificence that is a pizza pie, here we have brought together a lineup of some of Guam’s best pizzas.

Delmonico Kitchen & Bar

Delmonico pizza

Homemade pizzas are some of the best because you can make it anyway you like and you know that everything is as made-from-scratch as you want it to be. Unarguably though, homemade pizza takes a lot of work. So if you’re not feeling up to tossing pizza dough in your kitchen only to have to peel it off the floor two seconds later, head down to Delmonico.
From what I’ve experienced with The DKB Pizza, Delmonico has most certainly captured the
“homemade” feeling. With gooey, melty cheese layered over fresh spinach, spicy sausage, earthy mushrooms and an undeniable marinara sauce all resting on a delicious, handmade crust, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll feel right at home.

Delmonico Kitchen & Bar is located in the lobby of the Bayview Hotel in Tumon.

Sunset Grill

Sunset Grill pizza

Sunset Grill offers a number of pizzas with creative topping combinations. I would recommend the “Kevin” pizza as they call it. First off, you’ll notice the perfect crispy-edged, yet comfortably soft crust as the foundation for this masterful piece of architecture. Then immediately after your taste buds are assaulted with flavors bursting from the tender and juicy shrimp, the creamy avocado, herbaceous cilantro, crunchy pistachios, all to be followed by a slight spicy kick from the chili oil drizzled over the top. The fresh, unique toppings as well as the nontraditional cooking method of grilling the pizza over a barbecue makes this an unforgettable piece of culinary delight.

Sunset Grill is located on the ocean side of Marine Corps Drive in Asan near Asan Beach Park.

Vitale’s Italian Restaurant

Vitale's Pizza

Any self-respecting Italian restaurant has to have good pizza. And Vitale’s is no exception. As an unabashed carnivore, I would have to suggest you try their Meat Roma pizza. It is a ridiculously cheesy platter of heaven. And hidden under all that cheese like treasures invaluable is a plethora of meats to satisfy even the most insatiable of desires. With Canadian bacon, sausage, ground beef, pepperoni, and enough cheese to feed a small army, all piled atop a soft crust with crispy edges, you simply cannot ask for much more.

Vitale’s is located in The Plaza Shopping Center in Tumon.

California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen

Now when you call yourself a “Pizza Kitchen” the general consensus is that you’re going to offer amazing pizza. Thankfully, CPK lives up to their name. The BBQ Chicken Pizza; Oh, the angelic BBQ Chicken Pizza. Were it not such a strange inclination, I would carry this pizza with me everywhere I’d go. We would be the best of friends, nigh, inseparable. Basking on a light, airy crust are chunks of savory chicken sautéed in BBQ sauce mingled with crisp red onions and fresh cilantro underneath the melty heaven that is smoked Gouda cheese. It is The perfect marriage of ingredients resulting in an indescribably unique flavor that lingers on your taste buds.

California Pizza Kitchen is located in the Holiday Resort and Spa in Tumon.

Papa John’s

Papa John's Pizza

Papa John’s is a well-known pizza establishment which recently touched down on Guam’s soil. A most welcome addition, Papa John’s has quickly made their presence known by providing some of the island’s best to-go/delivery pizza pies. “The Works” is Papa John’s take on the supreme pizza and their “better ingredients, better pizza” tag line is definitely at work in this circular vessel of delight. I am grateful that their crust is not overly greasy as many other pizzas tend to be and with copious amounts of cheese, smothering olives, crunchy bell peppers, crisp onions, mushrooms, Italian sausage, savory Canadian bacon and, last but most certainly not least, the ultimate pizza topping (besides cheese) that is pepperoni, my taste buds and I will forever be thankful for this magnificent creation.

Papa John’s is located off of Marine Corps Drive in the village of Dededo.

So grab your family and grab your friends (and even your enemies) because pizza brings people together in a way unlike any other food or activity. The joy will be resplendent, the laughter abundant, the fight for the last slice inevitable, but most of all, the love for each other and for pizza unanimous.

joel kandaAbout Joel

Having lived on Guam for the past 15 years after his family relocated from Hawaii, Joel has discovered this island to be a home where his heart is. Whether it may be music, photography, amateur filmmaking or most inherently, food, he finds joy in art of all natures. He has recently formed an addiction to travel and while he will never pass up an opportunity to visit somewhere new, he can always tell by that missing rhythm in his chest when it’s time to come back home.

Guam’s Best Pizza
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