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Unique Animals of the Island of Guam

Guam is the largest island in the region. Even though the island is an unincorporated territory of the United States, it’s unique thanks to its remoteness from any major civilizations. Since other territories didn’t influence Guam’s biosphere, it became home to some unique animals that you will be able to meet on this island only.

Guam is a paradise for those who like lying on sand beaches. There are a lot of diving spots. It is also a great place to observe unique wildlife that you will never see anywhere else. If you’re planning to spend an unforgettable vacation on this island, you should include the unique species observation in your to-do list. Being a student, don’t forget to find a reliable academic essay writing service for delegating your assignments to experts and having a great vacation in Guam.

Coconut Crab

Locals call the coconut crab, “ayuyu” and they climb some 20 feet to reach young coconuts for food. Their powerful claws look menacing and yes, can crack open coconuts. They can grow to more than three feet wide and have tough exoskeletons.

Guam Rail

Guam is a perfect place for different bird species, thanks to vast forests and a warm climate. Since the island is remote, a lot of unique bird species live on the island only and never leave it. The Guam Rail is one of them.

It is one of The most distinctive birds on the island. The Guam Rail is also known as the Ko’ko bird. It is a large bird that cannot fly due to excessive weight. They are not afraid of people and can be easily observed in crowded places. The Guam Rail has a distinctive appearance. It has a brown body and head. The bird’s neck is gray. The lower breast and tail are black with white stripes. Also, it has two white stripes on the head.

Micronesian Kingfisher

It is a small bird with a massive beak that is used for fishing. The Micronesian kingfisher has a brown or white body and head. The wings and tail are blue. Also, it has black stripes on the head. The bird is a meat-eater and likes catching small fish. However, they also hunt insects, lizards, and even crabs.

Unfortunately, you won’t observe how it catches fish from the air lying on a beach. The Micronesian kingfisher is a small bird that cannot survive in the wild these days. This bird lives in the rescue centers only.

Guam Flying Fox

The Guam Flying Fox represents the unique wildlife of mammals on the island. The creature is also known as the Mariana Fruit Bat. Unfortunately, this species is about to go extinct, so they prefer living in limestone forests in Guam’s northern part. The bat has a dark-brown head with a golden neck and gray head.

It might be hard to find them around your hotel. Having a desire to observe them, you will be required to delegate your homework to writers from services like Proessays and hire a guide for having an all-day-long hike in the forest. Unlike other bats, they don’t hunt on insects. The Guam flying fox likes eating fruits and drinking the nectar of flowers. This information will help you find them in the forest.

Monitor Lizard

The monitor lizard is a large creature that may make some people scary. Fortunately, it’s not large enough to attract people, so they prefer avoiding crowded places. The lizard needs salted water and jungles for living. Thereupon, there is a big chance of meeting this unique creature lying on a beach. It has black color skin with a large number of yellow spots that make it very recognizable. They are well-adapted for living in the jungle, so don’t forget to look up on trees, searching for the monitor lizard in your trip to Guam. They are good at crawling.

Guam Scorpionfish

If you’re a fan of diving and snorkeling, Guam has what to offer to you. There are a lot of unique diving spots. You can explore marine life and observe sunken military ships by yourself. Besides, you will see unique fish species that can be found in this region only.

The Guam scorpionfish is one of them. It is a unique fish with a very distinctive appearance similar to a camouflage made of brown spots of different shades. Even though the Guam scorpionfish doesn’t go deeper than 60 feet, you need to have a sharp eye to spot it. They are real experts in hiding in the corals, expecting a victim to come close enough for an attack.

Unique Animals of the Island of Guam
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