Ron Acfalle performing on Tumon Bay, Guam

Traditions and Customs of the Island of Guam

Guam Island is known for its magnificent landscapes of beaches, waterfalls, and tropical plants. A lot of students prefer checking best essay writing service reviews and ordering essays from top companies to have more time to travel there. But Guam is not only about “standard” tourism attractions. It has a lot more to show and feel.

In Guam, you can find ancient rock art pieces and traditional dwellings. There also are the “prints” of the Spanish reign and many places to remind of World War II.

Despite Guam Island having remained under European and American influence for centuries, the Chamorro culture is still present in all aspects of life. Additionally, the island’s government began putting a lot of effort into supporting and develop that culture. They study and restore the ancient language despite the fact that Guam’s youth prefers to use English to communicate.

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Chamorro Culture & Language

Legends and myths are traditional solutions for Chamorro people to share their knowledge with younger generations. They have been telling local tales to each other for hundreds and even thousands of years. The more skilled the storyteller is, the more respect they have among the locals. Truly experienced narrators can make their stories entertaining and teaching at a time. That’s why children learn them so well.

Local legends are magnificent, too. For example, the place called Two Lover’s Point, one of the most romantic sites of Guam has a legend behind it. The story tells of two people in love with each other. They belonged to different castes, so they jumped off the cliff together to stay united forever.

Nowadays, loving couples come to that cliff to express their feelings, see the endless ocean and orange sunset and leave padlocks with their names written or carved on as personal eternal love vows. This place is among the best sites in the world to come with your sweetheart.

Music and Arts

Chamorro people love music! They feel it, and they like being creative. One can see brilliant performances of local dancers, singers, and players all over the island, and you are bound to remember them for the rest of your life.

When speaking of fine arts, there is a lot to see as well. In the capital village of Guam, Hagåtña, they like going in for street art, while in smaller villages, artists focus on murals more. Visiting the Guam Museum is probably the most comfortable and exciting way to see the best pieces of fine arts by Guam artists. Or you can try buying their pictures on local markets along with works by smiths, weavers, woodcarvers, and of course, jewelers.


Actually, jewelers are worth noting separately here. Traditionally, Chamorro people craft their jewels by hand. To finish a single work of art, they use natural resources and materials like the Guam ifit tree or clamshells. Guam jewelers also know how to work with silver and gold. They make their works attract your attention right after you look at them for the first time! You’ll definitely want to buy something as a souvenir!


Holidays and festivals in Guam are perfect to see if you want to have fun and take great impressions home with you. Many events are connected with the culture of Chamorro and people living on nearby islands. The unforgettable Micronesian culture expects you to dive into it entirely during every festival. Of course, they are also full of traditional Chamorro music, dancing, and arts. Every village and market of Guam has something to offer to a tourist.

On the 21st of July, Guam people celebrate the day when the island was set free of Japanese invaders during World War II. The holiday parade takes place in the capital village.

On the 8th of December, the festive procession takes place to honor the island’s patron: Santa Marian Kamalen, also known as Our Lady of Camarin. The event is definitely worth seeing, so it would be great for you to plan your visit to Guam appropriately.

Additionally, each of the 19 villages and municipalities of Guam has its special day devoted to the patron. That holiday is named fiesta. It’s a time for locals to crowd the streets and go in for noisy entertainment, hanging out and eating tasty foods throughout the night.


Guam Island is a special place with special people. Every traveler should use the opportunity to see and feel the Guam culture on their own. It’s an unforgettable experience that guarantees you lifetime memories.

Traditions and Customs of the Island of Guam
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