Protecting Your Pets on Guam

Kashmir Alfie Cats Guam

cats on guam

From a Guam Guide Reader:

As reported in Guam media, the federal government is air dropping poison mice as bait to kill brown tree snakes. The poison used is Acetophenomin/Tylenol and it kills through hemorrhaging the poor cats to death. They vomit blood until they die.

Cats are often dearly loved by their human families. If you have a cat you may want to teach it to be afraid of the smell of Tylenol.  You could dissolve it and mop it onto something a cat would like to smell, when he smells it — chase him around and alternately squirt him with a sprayer filled with clean water.

Cats can be taught to fear things like cars and roads. If they are special it is your responsibility as their friend!

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