Latte Stone Park, Guam

Guam’s Most Breathtaking Views

Guam is one of the most popular destinations for nearly a million tourists per year. It attracts crowds of visitors with fantastic sunny beaches, parks with breathtaking views, and lots of types of entertainment for a comfortable vacation. Discover the list of the most incredible places to see on Guam below.

Preparing For The Journey

Not only is Guam a nice place for family vacations, but also students. In case you are one of the learners, who are planning to visit this miraculous island, you might need to have lots of time to prepare for the journey. Thus, choosing a hotel, buying tickets, and exploring the list of island’s sightseeings will take hours. 

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Coco Palm Garden Beach

This beach is considered to be one of the most comfortable and beautiful beaches worldwide. Enjoy relaxing on a clean and soft send, rent a cabana, and have any snacks according to your needs. You can also have fun by fishing, hiking, kayaking, and snorkeling in this wonderful place. Summer kinds of sports, including volleyball, are also available. By the way, you can also order a massage when lying on the beach. This place has everything for chilling and cozy rest. Don’t forget to enjoy watching the sunset on Coco Palm Garden Beach. 

Tarzan Falls 

This place is an excellent point for those who love natural landscapes. Tarzan Falls is a favorite place not only for tourists but for the locals too. You can either get a tour with a pro guide or visit it on your own. Swim in the main pool near the waterfall, enjoy picturesque views of cliffs and rocks, or climb to the top and jump off!

Sigua Falls 

If you are looking for the most astonishing places with tropical beauty, welcome to Sigua Falls. However, to get to this place, you will need to find a guide. Hire a local guide to help you wade through the jungle and find the waterfall.

Latte Stone Park 

Are you fond of visiting historic places? It’s time to visit Latte Stone Park with its ancient monuments! These constructions look very unusual and will definitely be enjoyed by visitors who are interested in history. There are eight monuments you can find in the park; each one is a bit different. Moreover, you will find tons of beautiful scenes in the park, where you will have a chance to take dozens of wonderful photos.

Alupang Beach 

This is another excellent beach you should visit on Guam. Not only does it offer dozens of different sports activities, but many of its views are also incredibly beautiful. It is a beach you have been dreaming about with soft sand and excellent utilities for a comfortable stay. Boating and parasailing are also here to make your leisure time even more pleasurable. By the way, many tourists are fond of trying different types of seafood you can easily buy right on the beach. It is fresh, cheap, and truly delicious. All these features make the beach one of the best places to visit in Guam. Even if you are not a fan of beach rest, you will still fall in love with Alupang Beach

All in all, visiting Guam is always a great idea. The island has dozens of unforgettable places with astonishing scenes. Beaches, parks, waterfalls, and wildlife nature will surely meet the tastes of even the most demanding visitors. Don’t hesitate — it’s time to visit this magnificent island! 

Guam’s Most Breathtaking Views
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