Guam Food & Wine Tours

Many tourists think that the best way to understand someone else’s culture is to taste their food and drinks. Here are tips for gastro tours in Guam.

Guam Food & Wine Tours

What’s the most special feature of every nation or region all over the world? Some tourists say it’s nature. Others prefer concentrating on the historical places of interest or architectural masterpieces. A lot of travelers may also have their personal preferences and desired experiences. However, just like the custom writings review contains the info about a particular essay service, there is a common cultural aspect for all communities that is still able to underline regional differences.

Of course, it’s their food. Eating local dishes and drinks allows travelers to unite with the people of the destination region more than anything else. It’s especially true for Guam because travelers find the local dishes very exotic and unusual. Unlike domyhomework123 reviews, food and wine tours offered by local companies are excellent, so it is better to give you some key information and main locations to visit. With them, you’ll know which opportunity suits you the most before even coming to Guam.

Guam National Cuisine: You Should Taste It!

One of the most common products used by Guam people is red rice brought by Spanish colonizers back in the past. Locals know how to cook a lot of garnishes, both complicated and simple ones. Sometimes, they go the easiest way (which is usually the tastiest): they simply add onion and garlic to red rice.

Kelaguen is the national meal of Guam every tourist should taste obligatory. Locals know many variations of kelaguen depending on preferences and regions of the island. The basis of this dish is a sauce cooked with lemon juice, grated coconut, and hot pepper. They then add other ingredients: exotic seafood (octopus and squid, for example) or more common meat (mainly chicken) that become extremely delicate because of the sauce.

The national cuisine of Guam will surely be among the favorites for barbeque admirers: Chamorro people cook meat mainly with the use of open flames and also add a special soy sauce-based marinade to make steaks very soft and moderately salty.

Another secret of tasty barbeques by Guamanians is in their firewood. They use a unique tree of tangan-tangan that adds a unique aroma to both meat and seafood cooked on flames.  

However, the main food symbol of Guam is different. It’s a coconut. Coconuts grow in every corner of the island, so it would be strange for locals not to learn how to cook them in many different ways. Actually, Guamanian cooks know how to add coconut pulp to anything from sweets to meat and fish dishes. Many recipes date hundreds and even thousands of years back in history, and they are remaining the same nowadays.

Guam Food: Places for Tourists

Guam can offer a wide range of cafes and restaurants. However, those cooking the national cuisine meals are obviously the most popular among travelers. The Proa restaurant is a perfect place to rest with your family and taste the best Guamanian meals like those described above.

Proa can offer both budget dinners and luxurious delicacies. It’s your call what and when you would like to eat. By the way, kids will surely adore the choice of desserts available in Proa.

If you prefer grill foods, then the Core BBQ Garden & Bar is a perfect place. Moreover, it does not matter if you prefer fish or meat dishes: local cooks can make both very, very tasty. Salads and vegetable stew meals are nice additives to steaks, aren’t they?

The last but not least attractive budget restaurant is called Jamaican Grill Chamorro Village. As you might understand already, the basis of this place’s menu is grilled food. However, the feature of this restaurant is in desserts: they continue coming up with both original and traditional recipes.

The variety of “default” food and wine tours is not too wide here. The top 3 food & wine tours in Guam, according to Tripadvisor, are:

  1. The Guam Farmers Market
  2. Tropical Tours Guam
  3. Guam Food Tours

However, using the info from this article, you can organize your own food and wine tour across Guam. That’s the solid way to enjoy your trip even more because of no strict plans. Just come to Guam, and choose any place you want to visit. Local cuisine masterpieces will be there for you. And you’ll like their taste!

Guam Food & Wine Tours
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