Game On: Where to Celebrate Super Bowl Monday on Guam

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That’s right, Monday. The Super Bowl is one thing that doesn’t come early to the island “where America’s day begins.” Instead of Sunday night, the football holiday will be celebrated on Monday February 8, with the kickoff at 9 a.m. Then, maybe, just maybe, the great deflate-agate debate will be solved over a cold beer and pupus. But if not, Seahawk fans and Patriots should at least be able to agree the game gets better when someone else is cooking.

Best Pitcher in the League

House of Brutus strongly recommends making a reservation (647-0315), so you don’t find yourself driving somewhere else during kickoff, instead of enjoying a pitcher. Other specials include fries and a Bud Light draft, with a Brutus burger—topped with fried onion rings, tomato, cabbage slaw, cucumber, and a fried egg. Brutus Fried Rice will also be served with a Bud Light Draft.

House of Brutus Burger Guam

First Quarter

While many places are serving up a special football breakfast, check out Kave’s Hideout in Tamuning.

Mermaid Tavern Fish Chips Guam

Fish & Chips at Mermaid Tavern

Not to be left out at sea, the Mermaid Tavern says Happy Hour starts when the bar opens. The breakfast menu will feature corned beef hash, eggs benedict, and friend rice. Along side Bloody Mary, the bartenders will also be serving her tequila-shooting friend, Bloody Maria.

Super Bowl Party

Head to Drifters Pub off Marine Drive in Tamuning on Super Bowl on Monday. Indulge in Bloody Marys, a calamansi Grey Goose concoction called the Loosey Goosey, and since it’s still before noon, Irish coffee. Chomp on chesa, wings and fried rice. If you’re heading to Drifters, make sure you bring your appetite and call out of work.

Hot Wings Sharkys

Most TVs

With eight big screen TVs, the Hard Rock Café in the heart of Tumon wins the award for most TVs tuned to the game.

Hard Rock Cafe Guam Tumon

An honorable mention should also go to the Fusion Tavern, on Fujita Road in Tumon, for having the highest TV to bar size ratio. In addition to the three TVs normally mounted around the bar, the owners will be bringing in three more screens on game day. Unless you have to run to the restroom, every seat will be in the front row.

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