From Where I Stand

An insider’s perspective from an outsider’s view

Through the eyes of an insider, one can gain a better perspective, especially if it comes from a former ‘outsider.’ My years on Guam since 1985 have been shaped through laughter and tears. Unfortunately, some things were learned the hard way. I hope my experiences will make yours the best they can be!

A simple, lighter look at living on Guam, From Where I Stand is an informative approach to learning things that will make any newbie feel a little more at home. In this way, you won’t be FOB (fresh off the boat) or in most cases, fresh off the plane!

About Kym

When Kym met her husband, a Guam native, they were both in the military and stationed in Texas. She moved to Guam with her husband shortly after the fish head debacle and has lived here 27 years. She is a proud mother of three.

Being away from family and friends was a challenge for her, though doing things with her new family and seeing the sights made life easier. She and her husband are avid travelers and enjoy being part of the local community.

Knowing what it’s like to be FOB/FOP (fresh off the boat/fresh off the plane), Kym shares her humorous insider quips and tips.

Relax, Eat & Enjoy a Chamorro BBQ

Every Sunday, beach BBQs are in progress all around the island. You’ll find some yummy things that will have you planning your own BBQ soon enough. If you are invited to a local BBQ, please accept and don’t be shy. Read more…


Hike like a local with Guam Boonie Stompers

Get away from the buildings and the asphalt, and be ready to be amazed. I’ve found that the true beauty of Guam is off the beaten path. Read more…


5 Things You Can Only Do On Guam

From riding a carabao to petting a coconut crab to scaling the world’s tallest mountain, find out what makes Guam unique! Read more…


See Juan Run

This is my local version of “See Jane run. . .” since you will probably see more Juans than Janes running. Running seems to be as elementary as reading or riding a bicycle. With that being the case, why don’t more people on Guam run? Read more…


girl with book“Excuse me, please. How do you say…?”

Have you ever said something, thinking you pronounced the word or phrase correctly, only to hear someone use the same word or phrase entirely differently? You’re not alone. Many words and phrases on Guam are not what you would expect. Read more…

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