Cetti Bay Overlook

Cetti Bay Overlook View Guam

Cetti Bay and the chain of a thousand foothills are part of Guam’s Territorial Seashore Park.  The area is generally considered a geological delight with the rock formation providing clues to the volcanic origins of southern Guam. The twin hills below the Cetti Bay Overlook and to the north, called Attelong Acho, or Black Rock, are examples of pillow lava formed underwater during ancient volcanic eruptions. To the south in the distance Cocos Island can bee seen just off Merizo village.

The coastal area around Cetti Bay has been inhabited by Chamorros for approximately 3,000 years. Latte stones and pottery shards provide the evidence.  The Spanish later created a road system which followed the coastline from Hagatna, south through Cetti Bay to Umatac. The slopes are covered with grassland, savanna, coconut trees and a ravine forest which hides the Cetti Waterfall. Cetti Bay is on the Guam and National Registers of Historic Places.

How to get there: Take Route 1/Marine Corps Drive south approximately 11 miles until you get to the main gate of the Naval Base Guam. Turn left and continue on Route 2 for another five miles to Agat. Proceed south through the village and stay on the road as it begins to climb into the southern hills. After 2-3 minutes of uphill driving, you will see a viewpoint to the right. This is the Sella Bay viewpoint. Drive past it for another minute and you will see the Cetti Bay Overlook on your right. Park along the street.


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