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Very Best of Guam Reader Poll: Places

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Best Beach

Readers’ Choice: Matapang

For the rowing enthusiast and photographer alike this is a location of opportunity. On days safe for boating the local rowing teams cast off in the late afternoon and evening. Outrigger canoes, a transportation of the past, are plastered with modern local auto dealership logos, creating an odd juxtaposition. Ancient rowing chants can be heard across the flat waters of Tumon Bay as the sun dips into the cloud-lined horizon. Sunset photos on partly cloudy evenings are spectacular. An occasional rainbow stretched from cloud to ground adds emphasis to the already perfect scene. Parking is limited and amenities are few because of the relatively small size of this public park nestled between high-rise hotels on the main strip in Tumon. Amenities include BBQ pits and covered seating with a public restroom servicing this stretch of beach. A lifeguard and patrols are stationed here in a look-out tower at the center of the beach. Local water conditions are posted for visitor safety.


Best Budget Hotel

Readers’ Choice: Guam Plaza Hotel

The Guam Plaza Hotel is centrally located in the heart of Tumon making it a gateway to the phenomenal experiences our island has to offer. After a day of shopping and enjoyable activities, find peace and relaxation in one of our contemporary and simple rooms at an affordable price. The Guam Plaza Hotel is so centrally located that you do not have to take too many steps to have the ultimate shopping experience. JP Superstore is connected to our hotel lobby making it easy to find all those specials gifts for you and loved ones. Walk down to the adventurous Tarza Waterpark where you can have the thrilling ride you were looking forward to. We have tons of dining options avaible just for you. JiA Asian Bistro is located in the hotel lobby and is open for breakfast lunch and dinner. Looking for something Western? No problem. Nana’s Café, T.G.I.F and Mc Donald’s are right here too. With an awesome Kumu Kumu bar next to the pool, this hotel really takes care of all your needs. Best of all, we are just 3 minutes away from the gorgeous Tumon Beach.

Best Resort

Readers’ Choice: PIC

Best Snorkel Spot

Readers’ Choice: Gun Beach

Entrance to Gun Beach has been improved with the road being paved with gravel. Upon entry, the beach is to the immediate right when the water is finally in sight. Parking entrance for beach activities is exclusive to the right side of the larger parking lot. The Beach Bar located to the left has a large separate lot for their patrons. The namesake gun of Gun Beach is located in the far right end of the small lagoon created in part by a massive cliff on the north end. On the left of the old gun is an entrance to another secluded cove called Fai Fai Beach. Gun Beach features good snorkeling, when safe conditions prevail, and a dive site with steep reef sides and a cable trench leading into deep water. Protective beach shoes are a must for Gun Beach.


Best Park

Readers’ Choice: Asan Beach Park

Asan Beach was one of the two primary beaches which U.S. soldiers stormed when trying to recapture Guam from Japanese occupation during World War II. There are a number of World War II memorials, relics, and informational signs scattered around the park for visitors to enjoy. The beach area of Asan Beach Park is lined with coconut trees to provide shade from the tropical sun. In addition to the beach, there is a huge triangular park which can be used by the public for just about any activity.


Best Place To Get Married

Readers’ Choice: (Tie) Sheraton Laguna Resort & Nikko Hotel

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Best Pool

Readers’ Choice: PIC


Best Sunset Spot

Readers’ Choice: (Tie) Beach Bar & Hotel Santa Fe


Best View Of The Island

Readers’ Choice: Two Lovers Point

Two Lovers Point is not only the site of Guam’s most famous legend but also one of the best places to really see the beauty of Guam. Guam’s Romeo and Juliet story is every bit as tragic as the original. According to the legend, the daughter of a wealthy high-ranking family falls deeply in love with a lowly Chamorro warrior. To avoid her arranged marriage and a pursuing army, the maiden and her lover throw themselves over the cliffs of Tumon Bay.


Best Village

Readers’ Choice: Tumon


Best Waterpark

Readers’ Choice: Tarza Waterpark

Tarza Waterpark was created to offer Guamanians an adventure. Providing excitement for more than 15 years, Tarza Waterpark has held its stance on continuing to be the only waterpark on Guam that offers so much thrill and variety for all its visitors. With rare attractions including the Flow Rider, Speed Chute and Familia Flume, Tarza Waterpark has become a vital asset to the Island of Guam.


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Very Best of Guam Reader Poll: Places
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