Very Best of Guam Reader Poll: Arts & Media

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Arts & Media

Best Dance Group

Readers’ Choice: Pacific Fantasies

The exciting, award winning Pacific Fantasies Dinner Show takes place under the stars. A scrumptious fiesta-style dinner buffet is followed by a spectacular cultural show. Sit back and relax as the casts take you on a journey through Guam, Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand, and Samoa. The stage is situated in the middle of a lagoon amidst the luscious waterfalls and landscapes of PIC Guam. The amazing fire segment will keep you on the edge of your seat! You don’t want to miss the most exciting show in Guam and Micronesia. Read The Guam Guide review of our show!


Best Radio Station

Readers’ Choice: K57

Best Radio Personality/Show

Readers’ Choice: Ray Gibson

Editors’ Choice: Andy Wheeler

Best Musical Group

Readers’ Choice: The Flying Boonie Dogs

Best Musician

Readers’ Choice: Wayne Schwartz

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