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6 Things Student Travelers Need to Know About Guam

As a busy student working to earn your online MBA degree, you may be looking for a way to celebrate the completion of your degree or perhaps a spring break getaway. When researching destinations you may want to look into all Guam has to offer. It provides you with a chance to step out of your normal everyday life and get a whole other perspective. These are the exact kinds of experiences that can help you when you set out into the workforce yourself.

To help you make the most of your trip to Guam, we’ve put together a list of tips.

Prepare for Something Different

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While technically Guam is part of the United States, it couldn’t be more different. Located four hours from Tokyo, Manila, Seoul, and Hong Kong, it’s sure to provide a unique and eye-opening experience. If you are traveling there thinking it will be an extension of the U.S., you’ll be in for a big surprise. While this isn’t a typical vacation destination, it doesn’t mean it’s not well worth visiting. In fact you’ll find some of the most beautiful scenery, wildlife, and ocean life imaginable.

Traveling Around by Car

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If your plans are to rent a car and tour the island on yourself, it’s important to note that the roads aren’t always in great condition. They can be rough, not well-travelled, and go through some rather interesting terrain. As well, the rules of the road aren’t always abided by, so it’s important to be aware and drive safely. If your plan was to rely on public transportation, then you’ll be out of luck as there is no public transportation system.

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Average Costs While Touring the Island

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As with most island destinations, things tend to cost a bit more. The island has to bring many things in, so there is a premium that needs to be charted. Hotel taxes tend to be pretty steep, tourists attractions can be pricy and even eating at local restaurants isn’t cheap. If you are prepared for these costs before you go, then you’ll be better equipped to handle the prices.

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Be Prepared for Hot Weather

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It really doesn’t matter what time of year you visit Guam, you’re in for hot weather. It’s just a matter of how hot it truly is. There is also a lot of humidity on the island with the rainy season taking place between July and December. You will want to pack plenty of loose, cool, and lightweight clothing. Ideally, the best time to visit is between January and March when temperatures are at their coolest and rainy season hasn’t yet begun.

Set a Budget Before You Leave

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This last tip isn’t necessarily Guam specific, but can be used for any vacation. By setting a budget before you leave you won’t come home to a nasty bill you weren’t expecting.

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An Enriching Experience

Pa'a Taotao Tano Dancer at Sheraton Laguna Resort, Guam

A trip to Guam can act as an enriching cultural experience that only helps you to understand the ways in which different people live around the world. It can be that welcome break from your online MBA programs.

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6 Things Student Travelers Need to Know About Guam
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