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12 Best Dives on Guam

Where else can you touch shipwrecks from two world wars? Only on Guam!

By Peyton Roberts

Tokai Maru and SMS Cormoran

Perhaps the most well known dive sites on Guam, this combination of wrecks from two different world wars is the only such dive site in the world. Both wrecks are unique dives on their own, but a chance to touch both at the same time is a memorable achievement for any diver’s bucket list.

The Blue Hole

Considered to be Guam’s signature natural feature dive, the Blue Hole is a crevice that opens into the ocean floor off Orote Peninsula. The dive begins at 50’ and lets out at 135.’ The visibility in this area can be an incredible 100’+. Look out for large tuna, unicorn fish, and reef sharks on this beautiful blue ocean dive.

11-Mile Reef

More experienced divers should check out this deepwater ocean site. Eleven miles off the coast of Guam, the ocean floor rises to around 100 feet creating an oasis of sea life. You’re likely to spot reef sharks in these exceptionally clear waters.

Cocos Island

Often done as a drift dive, ride the currents as you pass over fish-filled coral beds off the east and west coasts of Cocos Island. Keep an eye out for turtles, spotted eagle rays, and white tip reef sharks. Like many of the dives further off the coast, the visibility here is much clearer than at reefs closer to Guam, so bring your camera.

American Tanker

Most shipwrecks lie in fairly deep waters. But resting on the south side of the Apra Harbor jetty, this water barge turned artificial reef starts at 50’, making it a great beginner wreck dive. Stop to take your picture with the American flag, a stunning site under water.

Gun Beach

Often referred to as “the best shore dive on Guam,” Gun Beach is a great place to spot turtles, rays, and octopus. Follow the pipes out from the shore through the breakwater for a safe entry and exit past the reef line.

Coral Gardens

This underwater fantasyland of coral formations is located just south of the marina in Agat. If you’re a strong swimmer, Coral Gardens could be doable as a shore dive. In addition to the massive coral structures, you’re likely to spot lion fish, eels, and Christmas tree worms in this peaceful and relatively shallow (45’) underwater garden.

Gab Gab

Located at the beach on Naval Base Guam, this massive wall of coral seems to go on forever and is jam packed with fish and other reef life. A night dive here is a great place to spot colorful crabs and different varieties of shrimp. Keep your eyes out for turtles as this wildlife preserve is one of their favorite hangouts.

Gab Gab II

For big fish and possible nurse shark sightings, check out this reef in Apra Harbor where the Atlantis Submarine circles. Interact with the curious and well-fed giant trevally. Look for the bright red anemone and keep an eye out for giant eels.

Anae Island

A short boatride from Agat marina lies this interesting rock island, complete with a shallow cave to pass through. Go at night and keep your eyes open for lobster. This is also a great snorkel spot, accessible by kayak.

Pete’s Reef

Plenty to see at this lively reef, accessible by boat from Agat Marina. This underwater city of colorful life especially comes alive at night when you can spot sleeping parrot fish and hunting eels.

Fish Eye

Located off Rt. 1 south of Asan Beach, Fish Eye is a great shore dive for beginners. Among the schools of butterfly fish and sergeant majors, keep an eye out for barracuda. Wave to tourists through the windows of the underwater lookout situated in one of Piti’s “bomb holes.”

12 Best Dives on Guam
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